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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Program from Adult FriendFinder , earn $500 per day

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New Program from Adult FriendFinder, gain $500 per twenty-four hours

Answers your web site provide to a more “grownups/adult only” audience? Our mature FriendFinder personals site has shown to be an amazing income GENERATOR for their affiliates. With 31,696,591 active members, Adult FriendFinder is the most pop personals site for folks who are searching a blast!

They pay up to $1.00 for apiece unique visitor, or up to 75% of initial membership fees plus repeating bonus. They also offer $30.00 per order, regardless of the purchase amount (starts at $19.95).

Their high-converting Adult FriendFinder site is now usable in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Portuguese!

After this short explanation I'll excuse you how to earn $500 per day with no investment. But this formula is not exactly clean , so stop reading if you care too much about your ethics!

Else check my screen shot before rading.

The best thing around this formula Absolutely unpaid. You do not have to expend a penny about promoting, making a site, anything! As if I marked before, this free money making formula might not be too ethical in some people’s senses so feel free to stop reading at anytime.

All right, so here’s the hidden behind this money making formula - we will be preying on guys who are searching girls. It’s manly replete then there’s beautiful much an limitless supply of these character of guys on the web - which means more benefit for you! A few people might call this e-whoring but it’s not - you won’t have to talk with these guys so don’t worry!

On to the method…

First you must have a Gmail (Get One Here or download automated Gmail Creator) and an Adult Friend Finders account (Get One Here). Once you click on the Adult Friend Finders link, scroll down til you see

Option I - Webmaster,EarnMoney - U click this , to Get paid for each click:
(for this time I just teach U Option I , Maybe nexk time i'll teach U the other option)
and click on Affiliate Sign Up to the right. You arise to $1 per click on this affiliate payment alternative and you will be able to easily catch 1000s of hits a day! You will not earn with any other payment alternatives (not using this method at least) so make sure you’ve selected Option I.

At once when your signing up to be an affiliate, notice that it asks for your website url. Whenever you've one, merely put it in else merely Google “Free Hosting Account” and create any simple site for free.

~~~> If your interested in a paying host along with a unpaid domain name, I extremely advise ThinkHost

Once you get your login id and password, go log-in and then scroll down and search

*This is the default account for g*******, so you can simply advertize http://adultfriendfinder.com/go/*********

Something like http://adultfriendfinder.com/go/g******* would be your referral link, copy it down into a notepad. Whew, your done.

~~~> Note: In the top menu, you might notice the tab “Other Sites to Promote”. Feel free to use any other one of them, they all offer the same offer.

Okay now onto setting up your gmail account…

Make sure that the gmail account that you’ve created is something girly - not too obvious of course. If you still haven’t created one yet, make one here. Once you’ve created a girly account name and logged in, click on the settings page on the top of your screen.

Scroll down til you see Vacation Responder, then turn it on with a message like this :

Subject: -leave the subject empty-
Message: Heyyy, thanks for replying to my post! blahblahblahblahblah…
You should register for this profile site for free at -your link here-. After you sign up, search for me!!!
You will be able to see my photographs and videos at that place =)))
Yea… you should edit it… especially the blahblahblah part, lol. Remember, be creative man!

Now that you’ve successfully set everything up, the next part is to get visitors to your site for FREE.

You’ll be promoting your email through


and pretty much any other free classified ads/dating site that you know. Craigslist targets US users while Gumtree is made for London. Go fiddle around with Craigslist and/or Gumtree til you’ve figured out how to use them. Remember to post your ads in the Dating section where you’re going to try to make as many guys email you back as possible. Make your ad similar to this:

Hiii, my name’s -name here- and I’m -age here-. I’m looking for a sweet guy to talk to =( I’m very sad right now. -leave your email somewhere in the message-

You’ll likely prefer to make your own message so more people will email you. Now rinse and duplicate on another e-mail account, IP address and ad message. The more you do this, the more profit you’ll make. If your IP address gets banned, you will be able to simply reset your modem to switch your IP (if your modem supports this), use a web proxy at http://www.proxy.org or change your IP through other formulas. Enjoy!

Sign up for Adult Friend Finder here
Sign up for a Gmail account here

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