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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

19 Coolest Pillow

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1. Blood Pudle Pillow
    When You Feel Violent use it,  Blood Puddle Pillow 

    its so scary.......

  just like kurt cobain ......

2. Alarm Clock Pillow
    when you want to see the soccer in the midle of the night , use it

  when you get up at the midle of the night, u can know what time it is, very clever.....just like me...hehehe..

3.  Alt Ctrl Del Pillow

    it seem like tell us that we just like a computer that when computer sleep at moment its need Alt Ctrl Del or restart condition , made from eco-felt that 100% recyled plastic botle , they are as soft as durable

4. Laptop Pillow

      work late a night......., sleep on the lap top, dream about to solve the problem that she has. perhap next morning the problen has solved out..... lets pray...

5.  Tissue dispensing Pillow
     When You Need a Good Cry or when got a headache : Keep Your Tissues Handy Pillow

 6. Piza Pillow

     when u sleep with this pillow, what dyou think???? hungry?? or italiano??

7.  Girlfriend Lap Pillow

   Made from urethane foam, this jappanesse Pillow imitates a womans legs, so u can sleep on her Lap.... very funny....,   smart to.....

8. Boyfriend Pillow

   hemmm   very HOT....

9. Emoticon Pillow
    When You Don't Feel Like Talking: Express Yourself Emoticon Pillow

 10. Butchered Horse Head Pillow
       When You Want to Send Someone a Message: Butchered Horse Head Pillow

     just like in mafia style, when they didnt like someone they will send a butchered Horse Head as a message

 11. Staring Eyeball Pillow
       When You Need An Extra Set of Eyes: Staring Eyeball Pillow

 12. Fresh Caught Salmon Pillow
       When You'd Rather Be Fishing: Fresh Caught Salmon Pillow

13. Stone Pillow
      These look so real that one might just think them to be rocks, part of a landscaping. But these rocks are the home furniture designed by Stephanie Marine.

 14. Food Pillow
       When you hungry just eat it..... (keeding....)

15. iBoobs Pillow

It’s a boob inspired relaxation system that features soft padding with a velvet-type material, with nipples covering the speakers, and it has a headphone jack wire with volume control to connect your MP3 player, mobile phone, computer, or TV. It also runs on batteries.Relaxation, music and boobs. What more do you want?

16. Log Pillows
Whether your decor is rustic or mid-century modern, these fabulous wood grain printed log pillows are the perfect way to bring a little of the great outdoors to any room.

17. Total Body Pillow

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Body pillows are popular with pregnant women and people with bad backs who need extra support. Yes, they’re kind of funny looking, but if you give it a hug you might get hooked.


The Arm Sleeper’s Pillow

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Thanks to the, “center groove and a recessed front edge that let you fully extend your arm without it having to support the weight of your head and neck,” the only discomfort you experience will be in your wallet.Of course, this also means no more strangers when you wake up, so it’s kind of a trade-off


Life-Size Dinosaur Bone Pillows

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Sayaka Yamamoto has designed replica of real dinosaur bones made from soft rubber-coated foam.Imagine curling up on a T-Rex tail with a good book, or precariously propping your flat-screen TV up on the horns of a Triceratops skull. Sadly though the foam dino bones are not available for sale




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  1. What a wonderful collection of pillows? Really I am shocked by seeing that red blood pillow. Good work... Domain India