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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog.

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How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog.

This method is still at early stages, but last 3 months its been making me $20-25 a day with almost no work. The method is bold because in the past many have tried it but failed because of one reason and that is people never knew how to exploit this whole system through Google it self. Here is the layout of the system.
1. Overview
2. Create the Blog
3. Put up the articles
Blackhat touches ---

Part 1
Before you start with the system, you have to know one thing that this darn thing works and it works like magic. I know many have tried to use it in the past but it has not worked out because every single person tried the method on their domain. Where as in my system you actually never ever start a domain and you use Bloggers.com blogs and you will know why. It takes 5 minute to setup and at the end I will  tell you why we will be using Bloggers Blog and not our own domains. Further I will show you how to get articles and bypass all the filters. There will be a blackhat method shared for 100% unique articles and 2nd method that would just teach you how to get articles within minutes. At the end I will show you, how these blogs make money and how to sell them for quick $150+ on sitepoint to make even more.
Part 2
Creating the Blog First and foremost, go to www.google.com and get yourself a NEW google account. I REPEAT new google account do not use your main google account or one with lots of blogs in it, create a new one, it  takes around 2 minutes to get a Google account and another 2 minutes to setup a bloggers account. When asked about your blog URL, make sure you come up with something sound and not crazy, check at samples at the end to get an idea. Once you have your blog, make sure you select a super SIMPLE
template from the list not a fancy one. You will see why in a minute.


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