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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog.

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Now comes the big thing, where to get the articles from, well this will be the easy part, because what we want is traffic and quick traffic without wasting time on Directory Submission or Blog Submission or some other stuff. The fastest way to get traffic to your blog is to put articles on topics that are hot in the blogosphere and around the internet. Then you will not only get Google Bot activity over you blog and crazy indexing but you will also get Traffic from Google like you have never seen it before.

Remember those days when people built blogs based on the Google Trends? Well it actually worked and people actually did make tens and thousands of dollar, it still works but the primary issue is that after certain hours google stop sending you traffic and puts up the actual source at number one spot. 

What happens is that if you write about something that is searched a lot online at a given day, you will get at least 500 uniques because almost everything hot out there gets millions of searches within hours and each searches type different thing thus you get just a tiny bit of that traffic to your blog and i will show you how to go to a whole new level and get even more traffic then what would a set and forget kind of blog will get.

Now you know, that your blog is basically about latest news, anything hot out there will be on your blog. But then it means if you want traffic you will have to put the article on your blog and you cannot just go and copy paste it. Well actually you can, contrary to popular belief that duplicate content hurts, let me tell you something INTERNET IS A DUPLICATE CONTENT ITSELF. CNET puts a review about a gadget, then another popular gadget blog copies the same thing, then another blog copies of it and then another blog does the same and its a chain reaction, so one blog copies all the others copy it, not only these blogs are high ranking blogs but they also make money from it even though its just a copy paste, further the net it self is a DUPE, search for "Home Decor" and you will get millions of result and all of the sites are basically the same its just that one guy went a bit further and got lucky and is dominating that niche. That being said, do not worry about duplicate content because I will show you how to get around with it.


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