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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog

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First of all, you must know what is hot in the news, remember we do not care about what is in the news, we want to know what is hot news that is being searched a lot, like remember what happened at the start of 2008? When there was this big news that prostitutes were making around $5000/hr, the news was so hot that I had an exact copy of the article copied from CNN and I received over 8000 Uniques that day and tons next few days and made well over $100 just in adsense. Now you know what is a hot news? Where to get these hot news?

Well there are few places to get these hot news, first of all, Google Trends, that thing works trust me, it actually sends you a lot of traffic if you write on a topic that is hot in trends on that given day. No matter what you will get traffic. But not everything in Google Trends actually gets you traffic, most of the time some stuff in trends are just plain BS and gets you nothing and is total waste of time. In order to see what is really working over Google trends is to give a quick check at these following websites.


Drudgereport basically lists all the latest news around that is hot, you can just copy their stuff and put it in your blog. Yahoo Buzz is another great place, almost anything hot in buzz section is something to blog about, because you will get tons and tons of traffic from all over the world. In a minute I will teach you how to actually get passed the dupe filter anyways. The 2 other places I have mentioned are Press Release websites, what is cool about these websites it that, everything on frontpage are all hot, which means if you blog about them, you will get traffic and traffic and traffic means cash from adsense. Thus the above mentioned Press Release sites are a good place to get press releases as well. Now how to bypass the dupe filter :), very very easy, if you have 10-20 hours spare time to do the research then do the following otherwise read what I have to say about it afterwards, anyways, if you have time and I do mean 10-20 hours then you should head over to the following websites..


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