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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog.

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Once you are on these websites, check out their daily posting, you will find that they are almost all identical and the only difference is that, after the basic specification of each gadget these sites have given 3-4 lines comment about the gadget and thats it, and mind you gizmod and engadget gets millions of uniques a day. Now check out their posts and after that do some blog search over Google blog search and then some other direct google search on their topics, you will soon realize that there are tens and thousands of other blogs and websites that have copied their exact review and have only added another 1-2 lines of their own rank and further you will realize that almost all of these websites have good ranking and getting good traffic. Check their compete ranking, alexa ranking and google traffic, they will give you an idea of their estimated traffic. In worst worst case blogs that copy their content get around 5,000 uniques a month and from what I have seen with my ad placements you can earn as much as $200 per 5000 uniques, do the math if you have multiple blogs on different topics of latest news, like latest hot news blog on sports, or science or games or something else. A good example of this kind a chain work is http://alltechnoblog.com/ , if you check out this blog it is EXACT copy paste, but this blogger has made one mistake, STUPID ad placement and further using his own domain rather than bloggers.com blog. You will know why Bloggers.com blog basically ROCKS BIG TIME. So what did you learn? Basically internet is a chain of websites that runs on same content and most are basically dupe as well in a sense if you look at them. To make your copy paste material unique, all you have to do is add another 5-6 lines of your bullshit rant and it will bypass the filters. Everytime you copy an article, at the start of article put your own view about the article and WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT and I mean it, the more stupid the better, once you have 5-6 lines and then the article your post is unique almost 90% unique.
ur bullshit rant...............
copy paste article......................
thats it, and this is unique article, do not worry about anything. Now why did we choose bloggers over our own domain? SIMPLE SORE TRUTH, Google.com owns bloggers and you get all the highest paid ads of a niche on bloggers blog that you cannot get on your own domain. A classic example of this would be to setup a software review blog over bloggers.com and over a domain and then having same content over both of them, get 100 unique visitors to both blogs and after you will see that bloggers.com blog will show $30+ clicks, one click will go as high as $30 sometimes in some niches, I know gambling goes as high as $50 a click over blogger which never ever happens if someone clicks the gambling ad on your own domain. Now you know a good secret, if good
ad placements if good traffic then Bloggers blog will earn you a lot more than your own domain, further its all setup, all you have to do is copy and paste and add lines.
If you want to go a setup further, everytime you copy paste just submit your story to digg.com as well, do not shout it to friends or others just submit it. This is only recommended for those that have shitty digg accounts and are never active. If you are a power digger and you are always active then do not take this action as you will get your blog banned, because when you are power digger everything you submit gets a good amount of diggs thus you might get your blog banned if you keep submitting over digg while you are power digger.


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