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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I started making $20 a day from Adsense with no Work? + How I flip for $200 a piece per blog

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How to pick up more niches and how to keep those blogs up2date. Now you have a blog about general news and it is doing good, now it is time to create other bloggers blog again on different Google accounts because if you want to sell your blogs on sitepoint later you will have to have different google accounts for each so that you can pass the username and password to the winner. Anyways your general news blog can be up2date with almost no work, everyday check out the sites mentioned and copy paste the material with your rant and then Digg them. Keep an eye on your earnings and how it goes, if you mind that it is touching only 10-20 a day then may it is time to sell it and focus on one that is actually generating a lot of income.

Particular Niches are easy to Keep an eye on. In this example I will go over Sports, say your new blog is all about sports news and stuff, your primary sources can be the sites mentioned earlier as you can check what is hot in sports but you can also go to some other websites such as ESPN which is all about sports and I recommend that site. But if you really wanna go a step further and have a blog with tons and tons and tons of articles and latest news around the world that is not even on ESPN then go to this url - http://www.google.com/alerts and in search term put Sports, and then select type now there are 6 types of ways google will alert, so make sure you have yourself setup for all 6 types of the alerts and make the settings so that it alerts you everyday. Make a different email for this process as you will be getting emails. Once you have signed up, this crazy google service will actually alert you every day about latest stuff on the topic of sports, not many use Google Alert but it is basically one of the most hardcore tools of Google that is free and that is destructive if used correctly. Setup everything and now everyday you will get alerts, everytime you get it you know the process, copy paste add your rant and post it.

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