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Friday, May 21, 2010

Amber Frey

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Date and Place of Birth:
Amber Dawn Frey was born in Los Angeles on Feb. 10, 1975 in Los Angeles, Ca. to Ron and Brenda Frey. Ron and Brenda divorced when Amber was five years old.
Amber graduated from Clovis High School in 1993. She attended Fresno City College where she received an AA in child development and later, Golden State College in Fresno where she completed 540 hours vocational training to pursue her career interests in massage therapy.
How Amber and Scott Peterson Met:

Scott Peterson met Shawn Sibley, Amber Frey's best friend at the time, during a business conference in Anaheim, California in October 2002. Sibley states that he told her he was single and wanted to meet someone to have a long-term relationship with, someone intelligent. Sibley told Amber about Scott and she agreed to let Sibley give him her phone number. Scott contacted Amber in early November and they made a date to meet on Nov. 20, 2002.
Their First Date:
Amber met Scott Peterson at a bar before accompanying him to his hotel room. There they shared champagne and strawberries then left to have dinner in a private room at a Japanese restaurant. Their conversation flowed easily and Amber felt Scott was easy to be around. After dinner they went to a karaoke bar, sang and slow-danced until the bar closed. They returned to Scott Peterson's hotel room where they became intimate and ended up spending the night together.
The Beginning of Their Relationship:
Amber described Peterson as being very romantic and solicitous towards her and her 20-month-old daughter, Ayianna by including her child on some of their outings together. With the holidays approaching, Peterson explained to Amber that he would be on a fishing trip in Alaska over the Thanksgiving holiday. Up to this point, Peterson still had not mentioned to Amber that he was married and that his wife was pregnant.
Their Relationship Grows:
The relationship continued to grow and included Scott cooking home cooked meals for Amber and Ayianna. He took Ayianna Christmas tree shopping, bought presents for Amber that demonstrated his sensitivity toward thoughts she had shared with him. They shared deep conversations about their lives and feelings. Amber recalled one such conversation that was centered on the importance of trust in relationships. During that conversation Scott confirmed to Amber that he had never been married.
The Truth Begins to Emerge:
On Dec. 6, 2002, Shawn Sibley discovered that Petersons was married and she threatened to expose him to Amber unless he told Amber the truth. Scott explained to Shawn that he had lost his wife and although it was difficult for him to talk about, he would tell Amber. On Dec. 9, he admitted to Amber that he had been married and lost his wife but found it hard to talk about. Amber asked him if he was ready for a relationship with her, and Scott enthusiastically stated that he was.
They Become Boyfriend and Girlfriend:
The couple attended a formal Christmas party on Dec.14, and Amber introduced Scott to her friends as her boyfriend. Later that evening they had sex without using birth control. Peterson commented that he didn't want children and regretted not taking precautions. He told Amber that he would willingly raise her daughter as his own but to prevent the possibility of Amber becoming pregnant, he was considering a vasectomy. Amber found his revelation disturbing having always wanted a family some day.
Amber Hears the Truth About Scott:
Scott told Amber he would be in Paris over the holidays. He called her often during his travels saying he was in Maine visiting his parents. On Dec. 29, Richard Byrd, a friend of Amber's and also a Fresno homicide detective, informed Amber that the man she was dating, Scott Peterson was married and his pregnant wife was missing. Once informed of Peterson's deception, Amber contacted the police and agreed to assist with their investigation by taping future phone conversations from Peterson.
Amber's Life After Her Admitted Affair with Scott Peterson:
Laci Peterson was reported missing by Scott Peterson at 6pm on Dec. 24 2002, after he returned home from a fishing trip at the Berkeley Marina.

Scott's calls to Amber were sporadic over the holiday. One notable conversation occurred on Dec. 31, when Peterson told Amber that he was in Paris at a bar with friends and described the "awesome" firework display at the Eiffel Tower.

On Jan. 6, Peterson admitted to Frey about his marriage and his wife's disappearance. He talked about the investigation and his innocence in murdering his wife.

On Feb. 19, Amber told Scott they should stop talking until things were resolved with the murder of his wife. Scott agreed.

Details of Amber's life have been disclosed mostly by family, friends, and opportunists. She has kept a low profile in spite of all of the media attention she has received.

In May 2003, Amber hired celebrity lawyer, Gloria Allred, to help with the hounding news media. Rumors and speculations about Amber were running wild even though she was tight-lipped and in seclusion.

David Hans Schmidt, a promoter, surfaced with a paid-subscription website of nude pictures of Amber Frey taken at the Clovis modeling agency in 1999. Amber filed suit against him, stating that she never signed an agreement to give up her rights to the photographs. Eventually Schmidt was barred from "commercially exploiting" photos of Amber Frey.

Currently, Amber Frey and Dr. David Markovich, a 44-year-old Fresno chiropractor and the father of Amber's 4-month-old son, Justin Dean, live together, along with her daughter, Ayianna, in Fresno. Having been long time friends, they began dating in early 2003, around the time that Amber was taping the phone conversations of Peterson.

In August 2004, Amber testified at accused murderer, Scott Peterson's trial. The intimate details of their six-week relationship were revealed by her and the contents of the taped conversations made public

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