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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Calvin Murphy confirms LeBron James mom Delonte West affair true - rumors will not quiet

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Even though a lawyer for LeBron James said that the rumor concerning LeBron James mom and Delonte West affair is not true, NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy said that the rumor is ‘absolutely’ true. The rumor came out as an effort to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers’ poor play during the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Murphy told a Houston ESPN Radio station that the rumor is true and horrifying. Calvin Murphy said that he has legitimate sources in the NBA. Unfortunately the only person who didn’t know about the affair was LeBron James himself. Once he found out it caused his play to suffer.

Not only was the affair with Delonte West, according to Murphy, there were other men involved in having affairs with Gloria James. It must be horrifying to find out this news about your mom. I really feel for LeBron James and what he must be going through right now with all this going on with his mom and teammates
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