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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Have experience with "LinkBucks"?

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here are some Experinces that people comment about linkbuck

Not recommended for newbies
I rate this a C. They are paying but you got to have insane amount of traffic to make a living out of this. I get paid about $5 to $10 per month with LinkBucks. Not bad because I just spend 5 minutes to link it to my websites and just leaving it just as it is. Recommend it as a side income 

I rate it a C 
I have been using LinkBucks little over 3 months, and I am kind of wasting my time on there. I thought it would help bring in extra income, or just side cash, and it is not doing a a very good job. It is hard to get money once you lose it. And you can lose money for no reason. I been paid by them once. They sent me the $5 I earned instantly, I like that. However, I do not think you should waste your time with LinkBucks. I rate LinkBucks a C. I think LinkBucks would be a lot better if you could not lose money randomly. I think that is crazy. 

Can be good if you work hard 
After trying Linkbucks for some time I realized something. You really have to work hard to make even the tiniest amount of cash. I spent a lot of time promoting my links and putting up posts, to end up with pocket change. This is only worth it if you have a site of massive traffic. 

Not worth it, Site not stable
First off I would like to say that I've been using linkbucks for quite a while now, and I'm not surprised. You basically make links and get paid every time someone clicks your link. The site randomly goes down during the day and during those times none of your links work, this is very annoying and you lose money for no reason. Also it is very hard to get money there. And sometimes the money counting system doesn't work right, for example yesterday I got about 2000 clicks which should give me about a dollar, but instead got $. 13. The site does however pay you once you reach the minimum payment of five dollars, I've paid twice, the payment was instant, which is a very nice feature. 

Nice program but needs hard work
This site is an excellent program where you get paid when people click on your link. Many sites like this where you get a certain amount of money depending on how many hits the links you receive, but some of them are scams and we do not get anything. LinkBucks pays you based on the amount of clicks and people have to wait 15 seconds before they reach the link to download. The great thing about linkbucks is that they have different kinds of scripts and ads which makes it more user friendly. I have average daily hits to my site, and LinkBucks makes me about 5 dollars a month. This is not a lot, and the only way you can make hundreds of dollars with LinkBucks is if your site receives tens or even hundreds of thousands of hits a day.

If you want to make an extra bit of money, I would recommend this.

Just another waste of time

When I tried linkbucks, it took me almost 3 months to reach their minimum payout. It is not recommendable for beginners, you will only waste your time. Posting to forums and others is not enough. You will be needing a website with a huge traffic and it is much better if that site is your own. You will be needing a lot of patience and hardwork. They actually pay, but if you don't know what you are doing, it will only waste your time.


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