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Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Take a bow Kendra, you are about to make video history.

Porn video, but hey, it's still history!!

Kendra Wilkinson may be a mother with new priorities but the former Girls Next Door is America's new #1 Video Torrent download. "Kendra Exposed."

Wilkinson's sex tape was rumored to be on the market two weeks ago and selling for $100K+. Now, the tape, titled "Kendra Exposed" is out-downloading Kim Kardashian's sex tape. 100K? Come on, that's nuts!

I just wonder which "celebrity" (I use that term loosly) will come out with the next sex tape they don't want the world to see.

According to RightTV.com, "Kendra's tape is now the number 1 sex video of all time," boy there's an honor you can be proud of!According to the report, the tape displays a "very nude Kendra Wilkinson having all kinds" of fun. Well I would hope she was having fun!

Hey, it is America. And if her husband isn't phased by it then I don't blame her for taking the money. If she didn't, some how, this video would've been leaked out anyway.

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