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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sammy Sosa

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Who is Sammy Sosa?? Samuel Peralta "Sammy" Sosa (born November 12, 1968) is a former Major League Baseball right fielder. 
Sosa's Major League career began with the Texas Rangers in 1989. After a stint with the Chicago White Sox, Sosa became a member of the Chicago Clubs in 1992 and subsequently became one of the league's best hitters. In 1998, Sosa and Mark McGwire achieved national fame for their home run-hitting prowess in pursuit of Roger Maris' home run record. Although a fan favorite, Sosa fell out of favor in Chicago after he was caught using a corked bat in a 2003 game and later left the team during the final game of the 2004 season. Sosa finished his career with brief stints with the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers.[1] With the Rangers, Sosa hit his 600th career home run to become the fifth player in MLB history to reach the milestone. He is also the all-time home run leader among foreign-born MLB players. Furthermore, Sosa is one of only two National League Players to ever reach 160 RBI, a milestone he reached in 2001. The other was Cubs player and RBI Champion Hack Wilson during his record setting 1930 season in which he hit 191 RBI. Sosa is the only player to have hit 60 or more home runs three times.

Sosa has long been the subject of speculation about suspected anabolic steroid use during his playing career. On June 16, 2009, The New York Times reported that Sammy failed a test for performance enhancing drugs in 2003.

Sammy Sosa Skin Color Back to Normal – Pictures
     After using a bleaching cream on his skin and shocking fans with his much, much lighter skin color, Sammy Sosa’s skin has returned back to it’s normal state.
According to the New York Post, the former baseball slugger was seen at a Miami club last week looking like his former self, and about 10 shades darker.
Last November, Sosa attended the Latin Grammys looking very white and told the public his change in color was due to a cosmetic cream he was using. What kind of cream??

Sammy Sosa skin from light to dark - complexion bleaching creams 
What is the deal with Sammy Sosa? Last year Sammy Sosa showed up at the Latin Grammy’s with very fair skin. However, Sosa is finally back to his regular complexion. Apparently Sosa was using a powerful bleaching cream that made his skin lighter.

However, it appears to have worn off and worn off quickly. This is apparently normal for these types of bleaching creams. It seems really weird that Sammy Sosa would use a cream and be so startlingly lighter last year.

The creams are generally used to remove abnormal spots from skin, and they can work for that. However, for an entire complexion, none of the creams on the market in the US are strong enough to provide permanent results.

I think in the case of Sammy Sosa that is a good thing. He looks great his natural color. I’m glad that Sosa decided to go back to his regular complexion.

Personal life of Sammy Sosa 
Sosa is known to family and friends as "Mikey." His maternal grandmother, who had suggested his birth name of Samuel, also came up with his nickname: "[She] heard the name on a soap opera she liked and decided from that moment on he would be Mikey."
Sammy Sosa and Steroids

Sosa was born in the Dominican Republic. Although his officially registered birthplace is San Pedro de Macorís, Sosa was actually born in Consuelo. San Pedro de Macorís was "the largest town nearby." Both Consuelo and San Pedro de Macorís are in San Pedro de Macorís Province.Sosa is married to Sonia Sosa.

Sammy Sosa was the source of attention in late 2009 when he appeared publicly with skin that had been lightened. Sosa claims that the cause of this is a skin cream he has been using.


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