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Saturday, June 26, 2010


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Melancholy:Program: 9:30 Saturday at the club. Doors open at 11 p.m. 202-265-0930. http://www.930.com.
Musical trends may come and go, but Matt Pond PA seems content to exist in a vacuum. The folk-pop act has made a career out of state record evergreen frontman Matt Pond’s melancholia.
To this end, the group’s final offer, “the dark leaves,” offers no surprises, the group used the usual palette of acoustic guitars, decorated with lo-fi keyboards and strings. Above all, no croaking of a Pond’s emotive voice.
To his credit, Pond’s music is never dull. Although it appears to be tied to his melancholy, there is a sweetness of his melodies that keep them from drifting into the territory of anxiety.
In general, these songs are a little celebration. The drums in “Remains” give the song a kind of majesty, and the band is almost optimistic about “Ruins.”
Most interesting track is “Running Wild”, with a gun snare drum, palms and chain drive unusually great. Pond has never been a stranger to the chains, but “Running Wild” offers sweet almost over-the-top “in its highest moments.
However, songs like “Brooklyn Fawn” Matt Pond PA are classic: layers of clean electric guitars echoing under his voice.
It is hard to believe that Matt Pond PA never really broken. But devotees will welcome the lack of change, hoping that it never quite encouraged to pool the whole way.

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