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Saturday, June 26, 2010

viveka babajee

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Modelling fraternity shocked on Viveka Babajee's demise

Friends and well-wishers of supermodel Viveka Babajee, who was in dating a guy called Gautam and died under mysterious circumstances on Friday, are shocked beyond words. Most of them are not able to digest the fact that an "agony aunt", "a positive person" and an "extremely helpful girl" could opt for such an extreme measure like suicide.
 Vivika Babajee

A friend indicated that her Facebook status on June 11 suggested that she was about to take the extreme step. Her June 11 Facebook post said, "We come from dust and we go to dust."  Was it professional stress, trouble in love life or loneliness that led to the sad end? Parmita Uniyal speaks to some friends from the fashion world.
Amanpreet Wahi (Model)
Model Amanpreet Wahi could not believe her ears when she heard the devastating news. Says she, "Behind all the glitter, parties and smiling, there is an extremely dark side of fame. Nobody could guess what was going on in her (Viveka's) personal life.
Amanpreet feels Viveka had a humane side to her, which was very rare in her profession. "When I entered the modelling world six years back, there was nobody I could turn for help. Viveka was not like that. She did not have airs about her and was extremely helpful to me. Now when I see people around me, I don't see more than two-three friends."
The model however is surprised with the fact that a strong person like her could have gone for such extreme measure. "She was so mature and intelligent. I don't know why she took this extreme step."
But Amanpreet feels that stress in Mumbai fashion industry is much more than in Delhi. "I chose to stay in Delhi because I didn't want to succumb to temptations and ruin my life. What Madhur Bhandarkar has shown in Fashion is very close to real life. When Raghav (her hubby) came into my life, I decided I've to choose love over work. So I stayed in Delhi"
Ruchi Malhotra (Model)
The news came as a shocker to Ruchi Malhotra, a Facebook friend of Viveka Babaji, who thought her to be a positive, gentle and wonderful person. "She was a strong person and solved people's problems. She never came across as a fragile person."
"But when you come to think of it now, I think that it must be companionship that was missing in her life. I came to know that she called up a couple of friends, few days before her demise, but nobody responded," says she.
"She had 2000 friends on Facebook, but she was so lonely. Her June 11 Facebook post said, "We come from dust and we go to dust." Was that an indication? Maybe if someone was around her at that time, she could be saved," she continues.
"The last time I spoke to her was when she invited me for Roberto Cavalli Vodka Launch. I will miss her," she signed off.
Jass Arora (Model, Actor)
The model-actor who is "shattered" and "heartbroken" with the news and could hardly speak when contacted, cannot fathom the reason for her death.
"She was a smart girl. I met her at an event recently and still can't believe that she is no more. As far as I know, she was not insecure, nor she was weak"
On being asked what could be the reason behind this extreme step, he had this to say, "It can't be work stress. If someone has made up mind ones about this profession, then this can't be the reason to take your life. No pressure is so much. It could be anything. Maybe loneliness."

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