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Monday, June 21, 2010

Who has a Girlfriend on the Bachelorette

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Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals - secrets "The Bachelorette" 2010 men are hiding 

who has a girlfriend on the bachelorette

Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals are everywhere in the 2010 season.  Some secrets have already been leaked of "The Bachelorette" men for Ali in season 6.  What about the rest of the guys?  There are even more secrets these "Bachelorette" men are keeping from Ali,  The June 21st issue of Life & Style had the scoop.
Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals - secrets of Craig, Frank, and Ty
Friends of Craig, Frank and Ty opened up to Life & Style what their secrets are.  Did their friends rat them out?
A friend of Craig, the lawyer, tells Life & Style he's "at total party guy who loves dancing with women all night long.  He calls himself 'the Talent.'  He'll say, 'Are you kidding me? The Talent has to be there.'" 
Wow, sounds like Craig fancies himself quite the life of the party and a ladies man.  Is that an indication of his wild side?
The scandal on "The Bachelorette" later this season has broken that Frank can't get over an ex-girlfriend back in Chicago.  What else is he hiding?  Nothing, if you ask a pal of his.  "He was on the show for the right reasons," defending the fact he wasn't reflecting on his past relationship with Nicole yet. "He didn't see this coming."  That's good, at least Frank tried to give it a shot.
Ty told Ali his divorce from ex-wife, Lindsey Grant, was civil.  Lindsey disagrees.  She tells Life & Style, "Contrary to what Ty indicated, our marriage did not end on amicable terms.  My husband had been untruthful to me."  Ah, Ty..you seem like such a nice guy.  Just another scandalous tidbit for us.
Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals - secrets of Justin and Kasey
Justin has his own scandal for "The Bachelorette" season, but there's one you haven't heard of yet.  He was a freeloader, according to an insider.  The insider tells Life & Style, "He's super controlling.  He wouldn't even let his last girlfriend have a Facebook page.  And he made her pay for everything - he said he couldn't support himself." 
Doesn't look like Justin has a whole lot going for him.
What about Kasey?  He didn't actually apply to be on "The Bachelorette."  His sister did it for him.  Kasey's brother, Cameron shares with Life & Style, "He wasn't interested in doing it.  Our little sister applied for him.  She was the one who pretty much got him the job.  She insisted he submit for it, and he finally agreed." 
By the move Kasey made in getting a tattoo to prove his devotion to Ali, he obviously changed his mind once the show got going.
Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals - Roberto has a secret?
Roberto is rumored to be one of the two finalists in Ali's choice on "The Bachelorette."  With all the scandalous outcomes in season 6, one wouldn't expect gentlemanly Roberto to have a secret to hide.  Relax, it's not a bad secret.  In fact, it's one he's suppose to keep!  A friend of Roberto's, Anthony Carbo, tells Life & Style that he's taking the show so seriously, he won't even tell his parents the outcome of "The Bachelorette."  Anthony says, "He hasn't even told his parents.  He thinks Ali is really pretty."
Roberto's off the hook on this, gang, wouldn't you say?  That's just being trustworthy.
Scandalous "Bachelorette" betrayals- secrets are the norm on "The Bachelorette"
Lies, betrayals, and scandals are at an ultimate for season 6.  Once the scandalous season of "The Bachelorette" is complete, it will be interesting to hear how Ali dealt with the secrets of these men behind closed doors.  No easy task, for sure.

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