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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WoW Server Status: WoW Server Status Down with WoW Forums Up

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WoW Server Status: WoW Server Status Down with WoW Forums Up: The WoW Server Status is Temporarily down and the Wow Forums are up to find the reason for the WoW servers status to go down. The ongoing status on the WoW servers is that the WoW servers are temporarily down and sources claim that the WoW server would remain close for 24 hours. The reason for the WoW Server Status to go down is said to be the addition of a new chapter named Cataclysm.

The WoW fans would be upset with this news that the WoW servers status would remain down for 24 hours. The WoW Forums are up for resolving the problem but the Wow forums would get the solution as the WoW Server Status would get the additional new chapter from the company.

The fix for this problem should be up in a short period of time as the WoW server status issue is not liked by it the World of Warcraft (WoW) fans. We will keep you updated with more updates

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