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Monday, July 19, 2010

caviar from for the love of ray j

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Caviar From For The Love Of Ray J

Caviar From For The Love Of Ray J:Bethany vs Benz A Caviar (For the Love of Ray J) the dispute is leaving questions unanswered Sunday. Bethany vs Caviar Benz complaints began Saturday night, Bethany allegations that Benz and Caviar are one in the same, but is not it?
Caviar rose to fame during the first season of the reality show for VH-1 For the love of Ray J in which Ray J Norwood, no stranger to scandal himself, he addressed a crowd of beautiful women to find love. Finally he found love, only to break off, try again, break, and get even a third season of reality show (this time with the sister of Brandy).

Caviar was represented to the audience as the daughter of a Russian mother and Nigerian father. His music videos information obtained, is credited as R. Kelly and photo credits shoot print reports, including Motorsports Magazine, Jet Magazine and Rolling the magazine. Originally from Ukraine, moved to the Caviar with us at age 12, swimming with fluent English and Russian and a fan of jogging, drawing, and music.
His MySpace page has not been on blogs since January 27, 2010 in promoting the DVD release of season of his reality show. It also notes that there is Twitter. Until Sunday, Caviar has yet to comment on widespread reports. Distributor blogs, video, video or affiliates, and Twitter accounts have reported this weekend that she and Benz are the same.
Even stranger was the November 2009 “claim” of Tila Tequila that she was dating Ray J. “But my secret boyfriend . I’ve been trying to get into the hush hush for soooo long is that you are ready? My boyfriend Ray J is real!”
The Norwoods said the following about his reality show with Brandy and Ray J earlier this year: “Run for Sonja, r’n'b Productions has an impressive roster of musical artists, including Brandy, Ray J and his father Willie, who also serves as vocal coach company. But Sonja ready to step down, Brandy and Ray J will have to fill the shoes before taking all the time the family business to a higher level. Will you need to continue to stay in the spotlight to grow an empire of entertainment? “

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