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Friday, July 16, 2010

the jensen project

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'The Jensen Project's' Alyssa Diaz: It's 'about a family coming together'

 The Jensen Project" is a TV movie coming to NBC on Friday, July 16. Zap2it caught up with star Alyssa Diaz to dish about the plot, working with Kellie Martin and Patricia Richardson and the possibility of it being made into a series.

Tell us about "The Jensen Project."
"The Jensen Project" is about a group of scientists that solve the world's most difficult problems but it's all top secret. The scientists aren't allowed to make money off of their inventions because it's just for the good of mankind.

So how do you fit into "TJP?"
What happens is there's this family that worked at the facility 15 years ago but they left. And then they had a son and get invited back, so they're back at the facility solving problems and the son gets into trouble. My character, Samantha Cortez, is around the same age as him. I'm the youngest scientist at the facility and you'll see me interacting with the son.

NBC is billing it as a sort-of return to the family movie night, right?
Yeah, one aspect of the movie is about a family coming together because they weren't having the best communication with one another. They were kind of falling apart and the Jensen Project, coming back to the facility, brings them back together again. They see the values of family and relying on one another and communicating ... NBC is kind of bringing back that family night when the whole family can get together and watch a film. Programming that everyone can watch.

So Kellie Martin and Patricia Richardson are in the movie. They're really TV veterans, what was it like working with them?
It was awesome. Kellie is a sweetheart, she's extremely talented. Patricia, wow, she's been in the game forever and watching her work is fascinating. She's such a sweetheart as well, such a pro.

And there's been talk about making "The Jensen Project" a TV series. What do you know about that?
I think it would be exciting. What they're doing is if the film does well with ratings then they'll turn it into a series. It'd be fantastic.

"The Jensen Project" airs Friday, July 16 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC and look for Alyssa next in the remake of "Red Dawn," due out later this year.
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