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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lindsay lohan jail

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Lindsay Lohan Jail Sentence: Details and LiLo's courtroom tears (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan jail
Lindsay Lohan is going to jail! Lohan, 24, was sentenced to 90 days in jail Tuesday by Judge Marsha Revel for what the court considered violations in the terms of her probation. As the Lindsay Lohan jail sentence was read, LiLo broke down in tears and looked shocked by the sentence.
Lindsay Lohan Jail Sentence Video and Music Video for 'First' Equally Painful and Sad To Watch - Both Linked Right Here, of Course!

The Lindsay Lohan jail sentence was handed down after Lindsay reportedly missed multiple drug and alcohol treatment program meetings since her last court appearance. LiLo insists she missed them only due to work, and made them up by going to alternate meetings that she thought would count. Lohan addressed the judge, saying, "I don't want you to think I don't respect you. I did my best."

Lohan was very emotional as her jail sentence was read. It is likely Lindsay Lohan will only serve 20-30 days in jail; she must turn herself in on July 20. Here, find video of the Lindsay Lohan jail sentence being read, and her reaction!
For even more disturbing Lindsay Lohan news: this music video done by Lindsay in 2008 is still on YouTube, threatening to turn impressionable kids off real music for the rest of their lives without apology. That, folks, is the real tragedy here. If putting Lindsay Lohan in jail is the only way to make sure she doesn't ever sing or put out another music video again, well...it may be for the best.

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