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Saturday, July 10, 2010

mel gibson rant

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Mel Gibson Rant: Leaked, Profoundly Disturbing

mel gibson rant

Mel Gibson's alleged racist tirade directed at Oksana Grigorieva is no longer alleged - the audio has been leaked, and it's even more disturbing than you think.
The enraged star can be heard below unleashing a profane, sexist rant against the mother of his baby daughter, using the N-word and other derogatory phrases.
Gibson accuses his ex-girlfriend of lying about fake breasts and trying to breastfeed eight-month-old Lucia, saying she dresses like ... we can't even repeat it.
Previous reports about Mel Gibson's racist tirade couldn't do justice to the hatred in his voice as his rage builds to increasingly palpable levels. It's kind of scary.
Whether or not he physically attacked Oksana remains unclear, but when you listen to the recording below, you won't find that allegation hard to believe either.
Be forewarned, the language Mel uses is extremely vile ...

Mel Gibson Rant
Sick. That these words and phrases even exist in the vocabulary of any person is deeply upsetting. What an absolute lowlife and disgrace to humanity.

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