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Sunday, July 18, 2010

raven symone

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Joanna Garcia and Raven Symone: Revenge Of The Bridesmaids

Revenge Of The Bridesmaids | Joanna Garcia and Raven Symone

Can you recall Joanna Garcia? The teen mom Cheyenne on Reba.The most recent character she was acting as a wacky bridesmaid attempting to preclude a loveless marriage in ABC Family’s “Revenge of the Bridesmaids”. The TV series airs on Sunday, July 18 at 8/7 Central.

Joanna Garcia and Raven Symone play as best friends who comeback to their hometown only to find out the conniving Caitlin (played by Virginia Williams) has sneaked away their friend Rachel’s (played by Chryssie Whitehead) love and plans on marrying him.
Watch Revenge Of The Bridesmaids spoiler:

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