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Sunday, July 11, 2010

robert bobby spillane

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Robert “Bobby” Spillane (PHOTO) Falls to Death

robert bobby spillane
Son of NYC mobster Mickey Spillane, Robert “Bobby” Spillane died yesterday after falling six stories from his apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Spillane, 45, was discovered at approximately 8:00 am by his brother Michael.

“Michael was coming from Starbucks this morning and he crossed the street and saw Robert lying there,” said a witness. “He was the one who called 911, you know? It’s just so sad.”
Robert “Bobby” Spillane was an actor, he had roles in series such as “Rescue Me”, “LAPD Blue”, “Law and Order”, and even managed to be on the silk screen, landing a minor role in “The Thomas Crown Affair”. He was friends with SNL’s Colin Quinn, who was seen talking to the detectives in charge of the case. As a matter of fact he also had roles in “The Colin Quinn Show”.
Our condolences go to the Spillane family.

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