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Thursday, July 22, 2010

sean mulveyhill

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Still keep in mind the Phoebe Prince case of the few months ago lively discussion on this blog? or you read about this case from other sources for example People magazine or the Boston Globe or Boston Herald or the Irish Independent. Or you’ve seen on Tv about this case,the image of Sean reading an anti-bullying message might appear like additional evidence that bad kids have been running the show at South Hadley High.
But what if that’s wrong?
What if Sean was in reality a strong kid who had looked out for weaker ones?
What if there was no pack of untouchable mean girls ruling the halls of South Hadley High, as the Boston Globe column that kicked off national coverage with the case suggested?
Watch discussion about Phoebe Prince Case on NBC’s Today show :
Read the whole story on Slate Magazine

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