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Saturday, July 17, 2010

timothy bradley

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Watch Timothy Bradley Vs Luis Carlos Abregu result (full fight video): Bradley beat Abregu via unanimous decision.


timothy bradley
The most tremendous match of Timothy Bradley Vs Luis Carlos Abregu, they played at the Agua Caliente Casino in Southern California and that live broadcast on HBO. Light welterweight champion Bradley made a winning move up to the welterweight division on Saturday night. Bradley (26-0, 11 KOs) beaten Abregu by unanimous decision with scores of 118-110, 117-111, and 116-112. Abregu (29-1, 23 KOs) suffered his 1st defeat.
The first 3 rounds saw each fighter suspicious minded and hoping the other would make a move that could be countered. Each fighter looked firm as a core of wire. A counter right hand by Bradley bob Abregu twice in the 1st round. The smaller fighter jumped on him but couldn’t land a vital blow. Former in the round Abregu landed a counter right following a Bradley punch.
The 3rd round was close as defense took priority for both fighters. A oppose right hand by Bradley was again the giant punch, but Abregu also got in a left clasp. A right hand missed for Bradley and he confirmed his opponent was very fast. Abregu paced into an advanced gear in the 4th round. He suffered a cut over his right eye. It was his finest round but blood dripped down his eye at the end.
A more relaxed Bradley found a good rhythm in the 5th round with various solid body shots and a snapping counter left clasp. Abregu couldn’t seem to zero in on the swiftness of Bradley. Abregu shortened his punches in the 6th round and found more victory against the quick moving Bradley. Though Bradley landed a good left clasp, Abregu landed more telling blows.
During the 7th round a swap by both fighters led to a fight of heads with Abregu striking the floor in pain and showing a gash on the side of his left eye. When the fight resumed both got tied up inside but Bradley continued to punch to triumph the round.
From the 7thround to the 9th it became a deliberate fight with fewer punches and more posing. Abregu had a good 7th but the next 2 rounds were harder to surmise.
The two fighters engaged a spot more in the last 2 rounds with Bradley scoring more with left clasp counters to the body and head. Abregu’s efforts to land his right hand bombs proved fruitless against the defensive adeptness of Bradley. All three judges scored it in support of the more correct Bradley 118-110, 117-109, and 116-112.
The full fight video of Timothy Bradley Vs Luis Carlos Abregu available on HBO on PPV and highlights and replay video also available on various local channels and various sites.

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