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Monday, August 16, 2010

big brother 12 episode 17

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Recap of Big Brother 12 Episode 17

episode of Big Brother season 12 was aired on August 15, 2010. The episode revealed the winner of HOH and also nominated two people standing for eviction this week. CBS once again planned to end the challenge on internet live feeds. That kept people waiting till the end of Sunday to know who is the winner of HOH along with the announcement of new nominations for HOH competition.

The HOH competition of the week was held on August 12. In the task, all the houseguests were tied with a rope, which was tangled and knotted along a course. The objective was to untie the notes of rope and make their way (while being connected to the rope) through the course. The competition didn’t go too easy because houseguests weren’t good at knots.

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