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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

who won hell s kitchen 2010

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Who Won Hell's Kitchen? Find Out if the Hell's Kitchen Winner is Holli Ugalde or Jay Santos 

Tuesday night's season finale revealed who won Hell's Kitchen season seven.  So, was it Holli Ugalde or Jay Santos?

It turns out that the Hell's Kitchen winner is...Holli Ugalde!  Holli 's big win came after Holli and Jay faced off in the final challenge of preparing five dishes for five executive chefs from the UK.  Jay was the challenge winner after preparing appetizers, a fish course, and a meat entree for the chefs.  And then, it was time for the final dinner service.
As usual, eliminated contestants returned to help the two finalists pull off their final service. Jay selected Benjamin, Jason, and Fran for his team. Holli selected Autumn, Nilka, and Siobhan. Well, Holli actually didn't select Siobhan.  Siobhan just happened to be the only person left standing.
The dinner service was turbulent, to say the least. Siobhan moved too slowly, Fran didn't seem to have a clue at one point, Jason's lamb was undercooked, Nilka had meat issues, Autumn and Nilka butted heads,  etc.  But both Holli and Jay took charge of their dinner services, even though Jay needed some help from Benjamin when it came to showing authority.
In the end, Gordon Ramsay decided that  Holli  would become the new head chef at his Savoy Grill  in London. "Both of you have got very exciting futures in this industry," chef Ramsay said before Holli received the life-changing news.  However,  Jay didn't walk away empty-handed. Both Jay and Holli won trips to Australia.
Are you satisfied with the Hell's Kitchen winner this season? Let me know in the comments!

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