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Friday, February 4, 2011

charlie sheen teeth

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Charlie Sheen Shows Off A Mouth Of Gold-Capped Teeth

charlie sheen teeth
Yesterday Charlie Sheen broke his silence for the first time since he was hospitalized last week with stomach pains after he enjoyed a 36-hour drug-fueled porno party at his home here in LA. Today we get to see a new photo that has emerged from that raucous fĂȘte with his porn star guests. Sheen seemed very proud to show off a mouth full of gold-capped teeth as he partied last week … which makes you wonder, what happened to his teeth that they had to be capped.
Charlie Sheen was dancing his ass off with THREE scantily clad women at the inception of his 36-hour cocaine fueled party binge last week — and TMZ has the footage of Charlie LETTING LOOSE!! The dancing went down after a boozy dinner at the home of Charlie’s friend George Santo Pietro — where the actor was accompanied by several porn stars and even a few non-professionals. Just as shocking as Charlie’s spastic MJ-esque impersonation — a photo of a smiling Charlie showing off a mouthful of solid gold dental work. Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud! Of course, Charlie’s party marathon ended with a trip to the hospital … followed by rehab.
It is widely believed that rampant drug use causes people’s teeth to rot out of their mouths so the speculation is that Charlie‘s new gold mouth grill is the result of his dangerous addictions. I don’t understand how an actor, who must keep his teeth pearl white at all times, can get away with a mouth of gold teeth. Ugh, it’s just sad … Sheen does not look like an actor in this photo … he looks like a sad addict ;


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