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Thursday, March 3, 2011

History of Stone Island Jackets

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History of Stone Island Jackets

Italian designer  Massimo Osti is the brainchild behind Stone Island Jackets. The Italian Designer brand was set up in 1982 as a second line to the already famous CP Company Label.  Due to mergers and acquisitions, the CP Company along with the brand Stone Island is now owned by Sportswear Company (SPW) which is based in Bologna.
Massimo was a sailing enthusiast and wanted a unique name for the label. He researched works of Joseph Conrad and combined words to create Stone Island. The brand is recognized worldwide by the nautical compass that all the clothes brandish.
The compass badge has changed over the years. Some of the designs are:
        Around 2000, the green outline to the compass badges was dropped.
        A limited edition White Badge was introduced during the millennium. The outline of the compass is white, and the badges are most prominently seen on the limited Metal Shell Jackets edition. These badges are still used on limited edition designs.
        The Shadow Badge was introduced on the Shadow range of the Stone Island collection. The outline of the compass is black, making it almost an invisible appliqué.
Stone Island Jackets are famous for its military style clothing that is both functional and innovative in design and technology. Massimo fused together Kevlar, metal and glass to natural fabrics to create unusual materials that were then cut into ingenious and multi-functional designs. Some of the classic jackets are:
        The Ice Stone Island Jacket was a range of jacked designed in the 80s which had the ability to change colour at low temperatures. The thermo-sensitive liquid crystal coating applied to the fabric, gave the jacket both insulation and wind resisting properties. 
        The Reflective Stone Island Jacket range was introduced in 1991 which were made from a waterproof material that had glass microspheres in it. The glass reflected any light source, making the jacket shine even in the darkest of nights.
        The Metal Shell Stone Island Jacket was a limited edition that had metal melded into the outer fabric of the jackets which gave the jackets a unique colour as it caught the light.
The brand is very popular among football fans in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. It has also been seen many football films that were based on hooliganism like Green Street Hooligans, The Football Factory etc.
Stone Island Jackets are considered relatively new to the fashion world, but its designs have already made it the most sought after in the vintage collectors market because of its unique fabrics and designs.

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