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Thursday, October 20, 2011

College Board announces redesign of AP classes

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College Board announces redesign of AP classes 

In its latest effort to give depth to its Advanced Placement classes, the College Board said yesterday that AP Chemistry and AP Spanish Language and Culture are being redesigned. The new courses will take effect in the 2013-2014 school year. The College Board has been criticised by some teachers and parents who see some of the AP tests as promoting memorization and a broad, rather than deep, understanding of a subject. Responding to that criticism, the College Board said it will move the chemistry  course from the "lecture and demonstrate" model toward a more "hands on and interactive" approach. The National Science Foundation was involved in the redesign of the chemistry test. About 122,000 students take the chemistry exam each year. 

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The new Spanish test places more emphasis on what students can do with the language rather than what they know about the language, according to officials.

College Board Announces Changes to AP Chemistry Course

A new World History test was put in place this year and next year a new Biology, Latin and Spanish Language and Culture start next school year. More information is available at the College Board website at http://advancesinap.collegeboard.org/

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