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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indy 500 Qualifying Round in Indianapolis: Mario Moraes & Tony Kanaan Crash...! [VIDEO]

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During Saturday’s Indianapolis 500 Qualifying Round, Mario Moraes crashed during his fourth lap of qualifying. He almost immediately skid when he hit just turn #2. According to USA TODAY, “The KV Racing Technology car slid sideways until ramming into the outside wall and damaging the rear end.”

After crashing during the Indy 500 Qualifying round, Moraes escaped from his car and began walking around right away. He had “averaged 224.469 mph during his first three laps.” Now back in ‘08, Moraes qualified at 18th during the Indy 500 and then last year he also crashed. Although Moraes is an awesome driver, lady luck has not been kind to Mario Moraes as of late.

see Video Here 
Paul Tracy also had a rough day at the Indy 500 qualifying round. He pulled into the pit stop after only warming up. He never even got to go on the green flag. Tracy explained that his racecar got stuck in neutral and then he never was able to finish the race. Sounds like Tracy may have some less then desirable mechanics working on getting his race car ready for the Indy 500.

And then Tony Kanaan also took a hard crash right against the wall. Hopeful today's Indy 500 Qualifying Round will hold no more crashes and all will go smoothly for the drivers!

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