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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

earthquake rochester ny

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Toronto earthquake and earthquake in Rochester NY hits NYC

earthquake rochester ny
An earthquake in Rochester, NY was surprising news for New York City dwellers. Rochester, NY is close enough to NYC that residents travel for a variety of fun-filled festivals. Who would have ever imagined an earthquake in Rochester, NY with a Buffalo earthquake, too? The NYC people who felt a tremor today are believers.
The Toronto earthquake shook its way through Western New York and southern Ontario. The 5.0 magnitude earthquake was felt hundreds of miles around in every direction. The earth literally moved under the feet of New Yorkers!
WNED reports Rich Briggs, a research geologist at the United States Geological Survey in Colorado, stated, “There was an earthquake up in the Western Quebec seismic zone which runs in a band right along the border just north of Ottawa and it looks like it was widely felt. The shaking seems to have affected a pretty broad area.”
Areas shaken by the quake include Boston, Detroit, Baltimore, Buffalo, Rochester and New York City. YNN News Rochester reported the earthquake in Canada shocks were also felt at the Ontario-Quebec border.
USA Today reported the United States Geological Survey indicated east of the Rockies, “an earthquake can be felt over an area as much as 10 times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the West Coast.”
At this time, there are no reported injuries or major damage. Did you feel the earthquake in NYC today or are you still safely tucked away in the Hamptons on Long Island's alluring East End?

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