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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kim Kardashian in a Bikini

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Kim Kardashian in a Bikini

And now to complete the Famewhore Trifecta.
Here’s Kim Kardashian in Miami today where she conveniently wrapped her ass in a sarong before going out in front of all the paparazzi she just called. Apparently she’s in town for a friend’s bachelorette party, so it’s nice to see she squeezed in some Kim-time before having to watch everyone pay attention to someone that isn’t her. Only men who went through POW camps in Nam can truly understand that pain. “Seriously, why’s everybody looking at the bride? *calls agent* Leak another sex tape. NOW. — All out? Hold on, I’m going to fuck this waiter in front of my phone. We’ll call it ‘Save Room for Kim-sert.’ *snort*

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