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Saturday, July 10, 2010

dave and busters

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Dave & Buster's

dave and busters
American restaurant Dave & Buster's is also an entertainment business and it’s each branch has a video arcade with a full-service restaurant. Dave & Buster's is best known as D&B and it’s headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. It is located on 57 places in United States and in Canada D&B has two franchises. In 2004 most of the Jillian’s locations was re branded as D&B name after the legal issue which D&B faced. Dave & Buster's Holdings Inc filled the papers again to become a publicly traded company on July 16, 2008.

D&B offers a wide variety of delicious food including steaks, pastas, seafood, burgers, desserts and chicken. You can enjoy the food from early lunch till late night and the menu card also contains current trends and special dishes according to different events. For the private parties and special events D&B offers buffets and Sunday brunch.

If you visit D&B you can enjoy high-tech entertainment and traditional games including shuffleboard tables, pocket billiards and also special rooms for special parties. Special events rooms are designed for business meeting and gatherings. In D&B you have no need to change your place in order to enjoy the games because each section contains sports oriented and electronic games. While playing the game visitor can recharge for additional play without interruption. These games are power card based and it’s far away from coin activated equipment problems. D&B also offers discount on recharge and entertain visitors with special deals. The main games are: Galaxian, Iwerks , Simulator games, Virtual world, Virtual world and Pump It Up.

Dave & Buster's

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