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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

justin bieber hates korea

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Justin Bieber Hates North Korea And The Koreans


justin bieber hates korea
Justin Bieber apparently hates North Korea and the Koreans if we are to believe the current but helas, manipulated rumor spreading around. Well, putting our disgust for this idiot away, we confirm that Justin Bieber does NOT hate the Koreans and North Korea.

Justin Bieber Hates North Korea And The Koreans
The whole funny but somehow pitiful story started when the young apparently-multi talented pop star opened an online poll to ask his fans to vote for the location of his next tour and concert. According to Justin Bieberians (the wise often call them noobs!), the later is really sweet and love his fans.

In fact, the poll was manipulated and as usual, 4chan is being labelled as the potential prankster behind the manipulation of Justin Bieber tour poll. North Korea was at around the 24th position but suddenly the votes increased at an alarming rate which made North Korea as the most voted country for Justin Bieber next tour.
Now, we all know that Justin Bieber or even any other star will never go on tour to North Korea. Huh, we know why! As a result, since the last few hours, rumors that Justin Bieber dislikes the North Koreans have started to spread across the net. Well, Justin…whatever is in himself a….so whatever! With all the previous rumors about him (contracted syphillis), this new rumor is not so surprising.
Anyway sometime we ask ourselves if this guy is actually famous by having more people disliking him rather than having real fans!

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