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Thursday, July 8, 2010

justin bieber hates koreans

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Justin Bieber Hates Koreans: Another Rumor to Hit the Teen Singer

justin bieber hates koreans
Rumors seems to be an inseparable part of Justin Bieber’s life. The teen pop star is once again hit by malicious rumor. This time the 17 year old Bieber is rumored as hating the Koreans.
Today the web is abuzz with the news that Justin Bieber Hates Koreans. The rumor started spreading as a prankster revealed that North Korea is looking forward to Bieber’s tour there. Although there is no statement related to racial offense from Bieber, the rumor is spreading like a wildfire.
As you know, previously the young singing talent had faced rumors of contracting syphillis, racial slurs and a series of death reports.
Bieber is an innocent guy and he loves his fans truly. It seems such rumors are made out of envy and only to defame the budding star.
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