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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

macular dystrophy

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Glenn Beck: Fighting Macular Dystrophy


It has been learned today, that the popular tv and radio host, author and entrepreneur `Glenn Beck’, has been diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy. During his “American Revival” tour on Saturday in Salt Lake City, which pulled in a crowd of 6,000 people, he emotionally told his audience that his diagnosis had been confirmed from a recent visit to his doctor.

According to BEST news, the diagnosis came a couple of weeks ago from what appeared to be a routine eye test with his doctor. Tests later revealed that the problems Beck was experiencing with his eyes not focusing, was down to the relatively rare genetic disorder Mucular Dystrophy. Beck has been pre-warned that he may go blind within the next year due to this. The news has been upsetting and emotionally draining for Beck, as the prospect of not being able to see his wife and children is becoming more apparent.
Beck has become a household name in America, due to his radio show `The Glenn Beck Program’, a self-titled cable news show on the Fox News Channel as well as the author of 6 New York Times bestselling books.
What are your thoughts on this story, have you tuned into Glenn Beck via the Radio or TV? Give us your comments on ONLY KENT. To read more about this check out BEST news


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