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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

samantha horton

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Samantha Horton; The Cient List True Story

 The Client List” is a new movie which was released on 19 July. 2010 and it’s a true story of a women named “Samantha Horton” who want to support her family and kids financially and in order to make the both ends meet falls in to the bog of prostitution. The lead role of Samantha Horton will be depicted by the well famed and exceptional actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. The whole story and Samantha life’s portrayal is about the dreadful consequences that can occur in the result of any woman’s distressed and frantic ambitions and where the helplessness and desperation of a mother can escort her finally.

The role being illustrated by Jennifer Love Hewitt of Samantha Horton is of the woman who has a family; three kids as well as has remained the ex-gorgeousness lady of Texas. It is a true saga of a beautiful and committed woman who always wanted to lead a respectable and content life but the circumstances and her husband’s idleness makes her fall prey to the shameful profession where she is left with no option other than to exploit her beauty and femininity to make the home run or on the counter part she will have to see her children yearning out of hunger and other needs.

Other than Jennifer Love Hewitt as Samantha Horton, the character of Samantha’s jobless and good-for-nothing husband is played by Teddy Sears whereas the part of Samantha’s grave mother is pictured by Cybill Shepherd who however gives at least some relief to her daughter by looking after her children.

The Cient List True Story

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