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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tiesto died

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Tiesto Died

After the countless about Justin Bieber it is said that another artist DJ Tiesto died. This is probably one of the hundreds of rumors loaded on the internet, According to the rumors DJ Tiesto died in a car accident, he was driving at a very high speed and his car crashed in to the two lane divider. It is said that he was driving his car at a speed of over ninety mile per hour in a zone limited to fifty five miles per hour speed. The eye witnesses of the accident said that the DJ’s crossed the double lane several times before the accident. Some Toxicology tests will also be taken to know that was he driving under influence of alcohol or not. According to the rumors his car flew into the air after hitting the center divider of the two lanes, the memorial services are not announced, this fake news on the internet will cause nothing except some gossip on it for a few days. 
The rumors about Tiesto’s death have been spread successfully on the internet and the people behind these rumors must be pretty happy because they are achieving their goals very fast, we don’t know that who is spreading these rumors over the internet but whosoever is behind these rumors doesn’t like the good music of DJ Tiesto. The answer to the question that did DJ Tiesto died is that he is still alive and he just the next target of the internet death hoax. DJ Tiesto was born in Netherlands on the 17th of January 1969. The forty one years old Dutch musician’s real name is Tijis Michiel Verwest. His music is liked by a lot of people.

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