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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Herman Cain

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George Lopez: GOP Knows Herman Cain Is ‘Darker Than Barack Obama,’ But ‘Whiter On The Inside’

Comedian and former late night talk show host George Lopez visited the set of Fox & Friends to discuss the current GOP field, most notably businessman Herman Cain. Lopez started things off with a joke about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Should Governor Christie run? “Absolutely, we all should get in better shape.” Should he jump in the pool? “Not while I’m in there.”)
When talk turned to Cain, Lopez made some… observations.
Herman Cain tonight. Herman Cain… It’s funny. The Republicans do know he’s darker than Barack Obama. But whiter on the inside!
Exactly the kind of superb, finely-crafted observational humor that keeps people tuning in to George Lopez.

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